captivednsd, the Captive Domain Name Server, returns same authorative response to every query. The reponse to 'A' queries and 'PTR' records are passed as a parameter on the command line. The code is covered by the GNU General Public License.

I wrote the daemon to direct people to a captive web portal, on a system that was not connected to the Internet. This meant that it was not possible to resolve the correct IP address for a host and then redirect the query using a firewall.

captivednsd is based on the source code of scdns and Busybox's dnsd:


captivednsd [options] <ip> <host>
      -t <ttl>   Set the TTL for DNS responses (default 30).
      -p <port>  Port number to listen on (default 53).
      -b <addr>  Bind to an IP address (default


$ captivednsd portal.local.

All A requests will return IP address
All PTR requests will return portal.local.


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