ino711d Documentation

Configuration is performed by modifying the variables near the top of the script.

Sets the IP address that the server binds to. Setting to will mean that the server can only be accessed locally on the computer it is running on.

Sets the port number the server listens on. I recommend that you don't run the script as root, so it will have to be a number above 1024.

As the server talks to the RDS box, the HTTP server is only a single process and can only handle a single request can be handled at a time. This is the number of TCP connections which will be queued up by the kernel.

The is the serial port device which the RDS box is connected to. On Linux the first serial port is /dev/ttyS0, second is /dev/ttyS1 and so on.

This is the number of seconds to wait before timing out on read/write operations on the serial port.

The baud rate (bits per second) of the serial port. Default setting for RDS box is 9600. The other settings are fixed to 8 data bits, one stop bit and no parity.

This lists the IP addresses of the machines allowed to connect to the server. This is the only security mechanism provided. So any user accessing from IP addresses listed here will be able to change settings.

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