MusicBrainz Releases missing release dates

We are trying to move as much information as possible out of internal BBC databases and into MusicBrainz. I have come up with a list of MusicBrainz releases missing release dates that the BBC has written reviews for, and has release dates/record label and catalogue numbers for.

BBC Staff will be going through this list and adding them to MusicBrainz, but if anyone else in the MusicBrainz community would like to help, that would be great!

Clicking the release date will let you add that release date to MusicBrainz, however I have found that you have to visit the MB release page first to make it work.


BBC Review MB Release Release Date
Mink Mink 2008-07-29
Polar Bear Polar Bear 2008-07-28
Micah P. Hinson & The Red Empire Orchestra Micah P. Hinson and the Red Empire Orchestra 2008-07-14
The Tick Tock Club The Tick-Tock Club 2008-07-14
Bent Out Of Shape Bent Out Of Shape 2008-06-30
Encanto Encanto 2008-06-23
Extraordinary Rendition Extraordinary Rendition 2008-06-09
The Very Best Of The Osmonds The Very Best of The Osmonds 2008-05-19
The Very Best Of The Very Best Of 2008-05-12
Hymns For The Exiled Hymns for the Exiled 2008-05-12
Warchild WARchild 2008-05-12
Nine Lives Nine Lives 2008-05-05
The Very Best Of The Platters The Very Best of the Platters 2008-04-28
Stand By Your Man Stand by Your Man 2008-04-07
Make It Happen Make it happen 2008-03-31
Closer Than Veins Closer Than Veins 2008-03-26
Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings 2008-03-23
11 11 2008-03-17
Good Nature Good Nature 2008-03-17
Argybargy Argybargy 2008-03-10
Nicola Conte Presents Viagem Nicola Conte Presents Viagem: a collection of 60's Brazilian bossa nova & jazz samba 2008-02-25
Dive Deep Dive Deep 2008-02-04
Skybound Skybound 2008-01-07
Dehesario Dehesario 2007-12-24
Nights At The Circus Nights at the Circus 2007-11-12
We Insist: Freedom Now Suite We Insist! - Max Roach's Freedom Now Suite 2007-10-14
Time Machine Time Machine 2007-10-01
Tim's House Tim's House 2007-10-01
Fire Escape Fire Escape 2007-10-01
Home Again Home Again 2007-09-17
Park Bench Theories Park Bench Theories 2007-09-03
In The Mind Of Jamie Cullum In The Mind Of Jamie Cullum 2007-08-27
Between Me And The Wardrobe Between Me and the Wardrobe 2007-08-20
The Revelations The Revelations 2007-08-06
The Punch Bowl The Punch Bowl 2007-07-30
Turntable Soul Music Turntable Soul Music 2007-07-16
Whatever Happened To Romance? Whatever Happened to Romance? 2007-07-16
Best Of Elvis Costello: First 10 Years The Best of Elvis Costello: The First 10 Years 2007-07-09
Live In Concert 2006 Live in Concert 2006 (disc 1) 2007-07-09
Floating Heavy Floating Heavy 2007-07-02
Que Levante El Dedo Que levante el dedo 2007-07-02
More Jazz More Jazz 2007-07-02
Collie Buddz Collie Buddz 2007-07-02
Pole Pole 2007-06-26
Tightrope Tightrope 2007-06-25
He Never Mentioned Love He Never Mentioned Love 2007-06-04
Moonshout Moonshout 2007-06-04
The Very Best Of The Very Best of Mel Torme (disc 1) 2007-05-21
Legends Of Life The Legends of Life 2007-04-30
Our Troubles End Tonight Our Troubles End Tonight 2007-04-30
This Is England - OST Made in England 2007-04-23
Re-Entry Re-Entry 2007-04-09
The Thief And The Heartbreaker The Thief & the Heartbreaker 2007-04-02
Holly Holly 2007-03-19
Acustico Tito Paris Acústico 2007-03-19
Music From The Films Of Michael Mann Music From the Films of Audrey Hepburn 2007-03-19
Picture Of You Picture of You 2007-03-12
The Heart Is The Place The Heart Is the Place 2007-02-19
Urban Africa Club Urban Africa Now! 2007-02-12
Dreamgirls - The Original Soundtrack Cat's Eye Original Soundtrack 2007-01-29
Sonatas Beethoven & Chopin Sonatas (cello: Richard Harwood, piano: Christoph Berner) 2007-01-08
Piano Sonatas Piano Sonatas 2007-01-05
Wozzeck Wozzeck (disc 1) 2007-01-05
Scenes from The Ring The Ring 2007-01-05
Piano Trio no. 2 in E flat Piano Trio No. 2 in E-flat major, op. 100 (D 929) 2007-01-05
Complete Harpsichord Concertos The Harpsichord Concertos 2007-01-05
Sheherazade Sheherazade 2007-01-05
Pélleas et Mélisande Pelléas et Mélisande (Wiener Philharmoniker and Concert Chorus of the Vienna State Opera feat. conductor: Claudio Abbado, chorus master: Helmuth Froschauer) (disc 1) 2007-01-05
3 Violin Concertos Violin Concertos Nos. 1-3 2007-01-05
Violin Sonatas Op. 5 Violin Sonatas Op. 5 (disc 1) 2007-01-05
Symphony No. 4, chamber version Symphony No. 4 in G 2007-01-05
Piano Concertos 1 - 5 Piano Concertos 1 & 2 2007-01-05
Violin Concertos Violin Concertos Nos. 1-3 2007-01-05
The Turn of the Screw The Turn of the Screw (disc 2) 2007-01-05
St Matthew Passion St. Matthew Passion 2007-01-05
La Stravaganza La Stravaganza (disc 1) 2007-01-05
Piano Transcriptions Piano Transcriptions 2007-01-05
Seeds: The Songs Of Pete Seeger Vol 3 The Essential Pete Seeger 2007-01-05
Complete Violin Sonatas Violin Sonatas 2007-01-05
Violin Concertos Violin Concertos 2007-01-05
Symphonie Fantastique Symphonie Fantastique 2007-01-05
L'Olimpiade L'Olimpiade 2007-01-05
Violin Concerto Violin Concerto 2007-01-05
Violin Concerto Violin Concerto in Bm, Op 61 2007-01-05
Falstaff Falstaff 2007-01-05
Das Lied von der Erde Das Lied von der Erde 2007-01-05
Piano Concerto 1 Piano Concertos (Murray Perahia) 2007-01-05
Opera Arias Opera Arias (disc 1) 2007-01-05
Suites for Solo Cello Complete Cello Suites (Torleif Thedéen, cello) 2007-01-05
Les Troyens Les Troyens (London Symphony Orchestra feat. conductor: Sir Colin Davis) (disc 1) 2007-01-05
A London Symphony A London Symphony (Symphony No. 2) 2007-01-05
String Quartets Complete Music for String Quartet (Quartetto Italiano) 2007-01-05
Balladware Balladware 2006-10-16
Sin City Sin City 2006-10-13
Remastered Remastered 2006-10-12
20th Century Superstar 20th Century Superstar (disc 2) 2006-10-11
Death and the Maiden Death and the Maiden (String Quartet 14) 2006-10-01
Petite Messe Solenelle Stabat Mater / Petite Messe Solennelle (Riccardo Muti, Stephen Cleobury) (disc 1) 2006-09-01
Symphony no. 9 (Choral) Symphony No. 9 "Chorale" 2006-09-01
The Complete Preludes 16 Préludes 2006-09-01
Pet Sounds (40th Anniversary Edition) The Pet Sounds Sessions (disc 1) 2006-08-28
Seven Angels On A Bicycle Seven Angels on a Bicycle 2006-08-21
The King of Sufi Qawwali The Mastewr of Qawwali 2006-08-07
Back In The Dog House Back In The Dog House 2006-07-24
My Secret Is My Silence My Secret Is My Silence 2006-07-24
Amour Amour 2006-06-05
All Mod Cons - Deluxe Edition All Mod Cons (deluxe edition) 2006-06-05
Navy Brown Blues Navy Brown Blues 2006-06-05
The New Sound Of Gospel The New Sound Of Austria 2006-04-10
Lyrische Symphony op 18 Lyrische Symphonie / Symphonische Gesange (Royal Concertgebouw feat. conductor: Riccardo Chailly) 2006-04-10
Piano Concerto no. 1 Piano Concerto No. 1 in D minor 2006-04-04
La Cantina La Cantita 2006-03-27
RT - The Life And Music Of... A Rare Thing (disc 2) 2006-02-06
A Film About Jimi Hendrix (DVD) A Film About Jimi Hendrix-DeLuxe Edition - Disc 1 2006-01-30
Gaz's Rockin' Blues Rhythm Rockin' Blues 2006-01-16
Piano Music (Vol 3) Piano Music 2005-11-30
Notes From The Heart - the music of Keith Jarrett Notes From The Heart 2005-11-14
Cello Sonatas Cello Sonatas 2005-10-31
DE9 | Transitions DE9 Transitions 2005-10-31
Pipedream Pipedream 2005-10-24
Complete Works for Organ Vol. 3 Works for Organ 2005-10-05
Flute Concertos Flute Concerto No.1 2005-10-03
Music for Crocodiles Music for Crocodiles 2005-09-19
The Greatest The Greatest 2005-09-19
East West East/West (disc 1) 2005-09-19
A Breath of Fresh Attire A Breath of Fresh Attire 2005-08-22
Honeytrap Honeytrap (Rough Mixes) 2005-08-08
Closer To it Closer to It 2005-07-18
Actus Tragicus Actus Tragicus Cantates BWV 4, 12, 106 & 196 2005-07-11
Bouncing with Bud & Phil Bouncing with Bud 2005-07-04
Space Between Space Between 2005-07-04
Music To Watch Girls By - The Very Best of... Music To Watch Girls By - The Very Best of 2005-06-27
Lobi Traore The Lobi Traore Group 2005-06-20
Dirty Words Dirty Words 2005-06-13
Violin Concertos Six Violin Concertos 2005-05-23
Over Fly Over Over Fly Over 2005-05-09
Hail the Comforter Hail the Comforter 2005-05-07
Manhead Manhead 2005-04-25
If You Can't Join 'Em... Beat 'Em. If You Can't Join 'Em... Beat 'Em 2005-04-11
Angel Sound Angel Sound 2005-04-04
Iberia Suite Española 2005-04-01
Live in the World Live in the Netherlands 2005-03-28
Make Do With What You Want Make do With What You Got 2005-03-28
Brave Brave 2005-03-28
The First One's Free The First One's Free 2005-03-21
You Are Here You Are Here 2005-03-21
The Rotton Club The Rotton Club 2005-03-14
Dream A Little Dream Of Me - The Music Of Mama Cass Dream a Little Dream 2005-03-14
The Motown Collection The Motown Collection (disc 2) 2005-03-07
The Sights Sights 2005-02-28
Take Fountain Take Fountain 2005-02-14
Renascence Renascence 2005-02-07
I Have The Room Above Her I Have the Room Above Her 2005-01-31
About Them Shoes About Them Shoes 2005-01-24
One Too Many Salty Swift and Not Goodbye One Too Many Salty Swift and Not Goodbye (disc 1) 2005-01-10
Whendo Whendo 2005-01-10
A Hot Trip To Heaven A Hot Trip to Heaven 2004-12-06
Luggumt Luggumt 2004-12-01
The Platinum Collection The Collection 2004-11-29
Greatest Hits Live Greatest Hits Live (Disc 1) 2004-11-22
Polaroids: A Greatest Hits Collection Polaroids: A Greatest Hits Collection 2004-11-22
R&G - (Rhythm & Gangsta) :The Masterpiece R&G (Rhythm & Gangsta) : The Masterpiece 2004-11-22
Red and Green Red 2004-11-15
Sangam Sangam 2004-11-15
The Greatest Hits The Greatest Hits 2004-11-08
The Very Best Of The Very Best of Brooks & Dunn 2004-11-08
Birth Birth 2004-11-08
Loteria De La Cumbia Lounge Loteria De La Cumbia Lounge 2004-10-25
Bat Out Of Hell - Live Bat Out of Hell Live 2004-10-18
The Future The Future 2004-10-18
Lucky Ones Lucky Ones 2004-10-18
Vagabond Lullabies Vagabond Lullabies 2004-10-11
The Collection The Collection 2004-10-11
Reflection Reflection 2004-10-11
Souls Saved Hear Souls Saved Hear 2004-10-04
Outlaws and Angels Outlaws and Angels 2004-10-04
Anthology Complete Anthology (disc 1) 2004-09-27
Hidros 3 Hidros 3 2004-09-27
Diaspora Hollywood Diaspora Soul 2004-09-24
Postcards From The Future...Introducing Postcards From the Future... Introducing Be Bop Deluxe 2004-09-20
Housekeepin' Housekeepin' 2004-09-20
Classics and Collectibles Classics & Collectibles (1) 2004-09-06
The Heroines The Heroines 2004-09-06
Unspeakable Unspeakable 2004-09-01
Beat Cafe Beat Cafe 2004-08-30
The Platinum Collection The Film Collection 2004-08-16
Let There Be Rockgrass Let There Be Rockgrass 2004-08-02
Roughneck Roughneck 2004-07-26
Singles Singles (disc 1) 2004-07-26
Open, Definitely What!, Streetnoise Definitely What! 2004-07-19
6PM 6pm 2004-07-19
Rebeldía con Alegría Rebeldía con alegría 2004-07-12
Singles 1965-1967 Singles 1965 - 1967 Box Set 2004-07-12
My Mama Never Taught me How to Cook My Mama Never Taught Me How to Cook: the Aura Years 1978-1982 2004-07-12
Light Of Day Light of Day 2004-07-05
Five Guys Walk Into A Bar... Five Guys Walk Into a Bar (disc 1) 2004-07-05
My World My World 2004-06-28
The Very Best of the... The Very Best of The Jacksons (disc 1) 2004-06-28
Doll Creature Doll Creature 2004-06-22
Sur La Terre Sur La Terre 2004-06-21
The Holland Handkerchief The Holland Handkerchief 2004-06-21
Transatlantic Ping Pong Transatlantic Ping Pong 2004-06-14
True Love True Love 2004-06-07
Shoulder 2 Shoulder Shoulder 2 Shoulder 2004-06-07
Lagrimas Negras Lágrimas Negras 2004-06-07
Self Help Serenade Self Help Serenade 2004-05-31
I, Lucifer I, Lucifer 2004-05-31
Look Look 2004-05-31
Complete Works for Organ vol. 2 Works for Organ 2004-05-31
Lightweight Heavy Lightweight Heavy 2004-05-17
Horse and Fish Horse and Fish 2004-05-10
Shades Shades 2004-05-10
Violin Concerto, Hungarian Dances Symphony No.4, Hungarian Dances 2004-05-10
Slave's Mass Slaves Mass 2004-05-03
Until The End Of Time Until The End Of Time 2004-05-03
Who Killed The Zutons? Who Killed the Zutons? 2004-04-19
Trios Piano Trios (disc 1) (Abegg Trio) 2004-04-05
Symphonies Symphonies nos. 1 & 2 2004-04-05
The Marriage of Figaro The Marriage of Figaro 2004-04-01
Dido and Aeneas Dido and Aeneas 2004-04-01
Damita Jo Damita Jo 2004-03-29
Animal Serenade Animal Serenade (disc 1) 2004-03-22
Wishbones Wishbones 2004-03-15
Into Your Heart Into Your Heart 2004-03-15
Irreplaceable Irreplaceable 2004-03-15
Just For You Just for You 2004-03-08
Africa Rebel Music: Roots Reggae and Dance African Rebel Music - Roots Reggae and Dancehall 2004-03-07
Chuva Em Po Chuva em pô 2004-03-01
Not Overtly Orchestral Not Overtly Orchestral 2004-03-01
Dreadlocks The Time Is Now Dreadlocks, the Time Is Now 2004-03-01
Remixes from Moffou Remixes from Moffou 2004-03-01
The Essential Nat King Cole The Essential Nat King Cole 2004-02-28
Motion Sickness Motion Sickness 2004-02-23
Too Fast To Live... Too Fast to Live 2004-02-09
Voz D'Amor Voz d'Amor 2004-02-02
Piano Quartet Piano Quartet No. 1 / Ballades 2004-01-19
Rhythm Science Rhythm Science 2004-01-15
Spoors Spoors 2004-01-03
The Definitive Collection The Ultimate Hits Collection 2003-12-16
Ghostigital Ghostigital 2003-12-08
This Is Not A Test! This Is Not a Test! 2003-11-24
Up! Live In Chicago (DVD) Up - Live From Chicago (disc 1) 2003-11-24
Up 2 Di Time Up 2 di Time 2003-11-17
Turn It On Turn It On 2003-11-17
Now Or Never Now or Never 2003-11-17
Guilty Guilty 2003-11-03
Being Somebody Being Somebody 2003-11-03
Krakauer Live in Krakow Live in Krakow 2003-11-01
Shoot From The Hip Shoot From The Hip 2003-10-27
Contrasts Contrasts 2003-10-27
Live at Pompeii DVD Live at Pompeii 2003-10-21
One Down, One Up One Down, One Up (disc 1) 2003-10-20
Tango Varón Tango Varón 2003-10-20
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 2003-10-06
Iberia Suite Española 2003-10-01
The Little Ginger Club Kid The Little Ginger Club Kid 2003-09-29
Let Freedom Ring! Let Freedom Ring! 2003-09-29
Rise To The Occasion Rise to the Occasion 2003-09-29
Upwards Upwards 2003-09-22
The Boy Next Door The Boy Next Door 2003-09-22
Go Your Own Way Go Your Own Way 2003-09-22
The Collection The Millennium Collection 2003-09-15
An Echo Of Hooves An Echo of Hooves 2003-09-15
Dance Of Death Dance of Death 2003-09-08
Welcome To Poppy's Welcome to Poppy's 2003-09-08
Extended Play - Live at Birdland Extended Play Live at Birdland (disc 2) 2003-09-08
Anthology Anthology (disc 1) 2003-09-01
Abstract Theory Abstract Theory 2003-09-01
Freddy Vs Jason Freddy Vs. Jason 2003-09-01
Classics Classic 2003-08-25
Restless Restless 2003-08-18
Here's Tom With The Weather ...Here's Tom With the Weather 2003-08-11
The Bootleg Box Set Vol.1 The Bootleg Box Set, Volume 1 (disc 3) 2003-08-11
Bad Girls - Deluxe Edition Bad Girls (Deluxe Edition) (disc 1) 2003-08-04
Fiebre Fiebre 2003-07-28
The Essential Film Music of Nino Rota The Essential Nino Rota Film Music Collection (disc 1) 2003-07-21
Beatin' The Heat Beatin' The Heat 2003-07-21
Standing Tall Standing Tall 2003-07-21
Two Year Winter Two Year Winter 2003-07-21
Electronic Music From The Swedish Left Coast Electronic Music From The Swedish Leftcoast 2003-07-21
I've Known Rivers And Other Bodies I've Known Rivers & Other Bodies 2003-07-14
The Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis Cookbook Vol 2 The Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis Cookbook, Volume 2 2003-07-14
Gerry Mulligan Meets Johnny Hodges Gerry Mulligan Meets the Saxophonists 2003-07-07
Fire - The Story Of Arthur Brown Fire: The Story of Arthur Brown (disc 2) 2003-06-30
Kongo Sigui Kongo Sigui 2003-06-23
Just A Little Bit Crazy Just a Little Bit Crazy 2003-06-23
Love, Death & The Lady Love, Death and the Lady 2003-06-23
Tasha's World Tasha's World 2003-06-23
Love Trap Love Trap 2003-06-16
Selected Recordings Rarum I: Selected Recordings (disc 1) 2003-06-14
True Love Waits True Love Waits 2003-06-10
Ultimate Collection The Complete Collection 2003-05-26
Looking For America Looking for America 2003-05-26
Subject Subject 2003-05-19
Up For It Up for It 2003-05-12
Drive Drive 2003-05-12
X 2, The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack X-Men 2: Complete (disc 1) 2003-05-05
Shapes Of Things Shapes of Things 2003-04-28
Conversations With The Unseen Converstations With the Unseen 2003-04-28
Make Your Move Make Your Move 2003-04-28
Seven Years - Ten Weeks Seven Years - Ten Weeks 2003-04-28
Facets Facets 2003-04-21
The Very Best Of The Very Best Of 2003-04-14
III III 2003-04-14
The Best of Boubacar Traoré: The Bluesman From Mali The Best Of Boubacar Traoré 2003-04-11
34th N Lex 34th N Lex 2003-04-11
Slingshot Professionals Slingshot Professionals 2003-04-10
Deb Deb 2003-04-07
Things We Like Things We Like 2003-04-07
Petrouchka Stravinsky: Pétrouchka Firebird 2003-04-01
An Untamed Sense Of Control An Untamed Sense Of Control 2003-03-31
P.S. P. S. 2003-03-31
Eye Candy Eye Candy 2003-03-31
Ambush Ambush! 2003-03-17
Ballades, Mazurkas, Polonaises Ballades, Impromptus, Mazurkas 2003-03-11
Kasse Kassi Kassi Kasse 2003-03-10
English Suites The English Suites (Glenn Gould) (disc 1) 2003-03-10
Friends For Life Friends for Life 2003-03-03
Too Long in Slavery Too Long in Slavery 2003-03-01
The Radio One Sessions 1981-1983 The Radio One Sessions Volume One 1981-1983 2003-02-24
Destination Motherland: The Roy Ayers Anthology Destination Motherland: The Roy Ayers Anthology (disc 1) 2003-02-24
Keb Darge presents... Keb Darge Presents: The New Mastersounds 2003-02-23
Equilibrium Equilibrium 2003-02-21
Highway My Friend Highway My Friend 2003-02-12
Ninna Nanna Ninna Nanna 2003-02-11
Trio Music Trio Music (disc 1) 2003-02-10
Man Music Technology Man Music Technology 2003-02-10
Oddities Oddities 2003-02-03
Simply Deep Simply Deep 2003-02-03
The Stars at Saint Andrea The Stars at Saint Andrea 2003-02-03
Titles of the Unexpected Titles of the Unexpected.. (disc 1) 2003-02-03
On Broadway Vol1 On Broadway, Volume 1 2003-02-03
Piano Creeps Piano Creeps 2003-01-20
Youm Wara Youm Youm Wara Youm 2003-01-01
The Collection Collection 2002-12-09
The Source and Different Cikadas The Source and Different Cikadas (feat. Øyvind Brakke & Per Oddvar Johansen) 2002-11-20
Vingt Regards sur l'Enfant-Jésus Vingt regards sur l'enfant Jesus (disc 1) 2002-11-18
The G Spot The G Spot 2002-11-18
Ladies Of The Road Ladies of the Road (disc 1: Volume One: Ladies of the Road) 2002-11-18
Open Our Eyes Open Our Eyes: The Anthology (disc 1) 2002-11-18
Higher Level Higher Level 2002-11-11
Musicality Musicality 2002-11-02
Green Blade Rising Green Blade Rising 2002-09-23
Coltrane Coltrane 2002-05-22
Homo fugit velut umbra Homo fugit velut umbra... 2002-05-06
Complete Organ Works The Complete Organ Works (disc 3) 2002-03-11
Cat 'n' Mouse Cat'n'Mouse 2002-03-04
The Twelve Tribes The Twelve Tribes 2002-02-01
The Rite of Spring The Rite of Spring 2001-09-07
Masses Masses 2001-08-20
Always Let Me Go Always Let Me Go: Live in Tokyo (disc 1) 2001-04-14
King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents... King Biscuit Flower Hour: Iggy Pop 1999-11-01
Second Coming Second Coming 1997-09-15
Waiting For Angels Waiting for Angels 1995-01-11
Always Now Always Now 1981-07-10
Ace Of Spades Ace of Spades 1980-11-08
The Wall The Wall 1979-11-28
Roger The Engineer Roger the Engineer 1966-07-15