wavemetainfo fields

Note that these are the official names for the fields, however some applications (e.g. programmes by BSI and CoolEdit/Adobe Audition) use fields for different purposes. See my BSI WAVE Metadata mapping for details.

field name Example Description
fmt-audio-format MPEG Layer 3 Audio Format
fmt-num-channels 2 Number of audio channels
fmt-sample-rate 44100 Sample rate (Hz)
fmt-byte-rate 16000 Byte rate
fmt-block-align 1 Data block size
fact-sample-count 7235707 Number of samples
data-seek 0x000046 Position of audio in file
data-size 0x290a1f The length of the audio data
bext-description Freeform description
bext-originator Name of the originator/producer
bext-originator-ref 32 character reference number for audio
bext-origination-dateyyyy-mm-dd Date of creation of audio
bext-origination-timehh-mm-ss Time of creation of audio
bext-version 1 Version of the bext chunk
mext-sound-information 0x03 Sound Information flags about the MPEG Audio
mext-frame-size 1152 Number of bytes of a nominal frame
mext-ancillary-data-length5 Minimal number of known bytes for ancillary data
mext-ancillary-data-def7 Specifies the content of the ancillary data
fact-sample-count 7429218 Number of samples
disp-title Eruption in BlueTitle / Description of the audio
info-iarl   Archival Location
info-iart   Artist
info-icms   Commissioned
info-icmt   Comments
info-icop   Copyright
info-icrd   Creation Date
info-ieng   Engineer
info-ignr   Genre
info-ikey   Keywords
info-imed   Medium
info-inam   Name
info-iprd   Product
info-isbj   Subject
info-isft   Software
info-isrc   Source
info-isrf   Source Form
info-itch   Technician
cart-version   CartChunk Version
cart-title   CartChunk title of cart audio sequence
cart-artist   CartChunk artist or creator name
cart-cutid   CartChunk cut number identification
cart-clientid   CartChunk client identification
cart-category   CartChunk Category ID, SA, NEWS, etc
cart-classification  CartChunk Classifcataion of auxiliary key
cart-outcue   CartChunk out cue text
cart-startdate   CartChunk YYYY-MM-DD
cart-starttime   CartChunk hh:mm:ss
cart-enddate   CartChunk YYYY-MM-DD
cart-endtime   CartChunk hh:mm:ss
cart-producerappid   CartChunk Name of vendor or application
cart-producerappversion  CartChunk Version of producer application
cart-userdef   CartChunk User defined text
cart-timer-XXXX   CartChunk PostTimer (eg cart-timer-INTe)
cart-levelreference  CartChunk Sample value for 0 dB reference
cart-url   CartChunk Uniform resource locator
cart-tagtext   CartChunk Free form text for scripts or tags

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